How does Cognilab work?

  • Organizer
    Scan and reorder thumbnail views of clinical elements.
  • Stimbar
    Drop any type of media into your clinical scale from here.
  • PostSuite
    Perfect and polish the runtime bits of your clinical scale.
  • Canvas
    Drop any type of media into your clinical scale from here.
  • Configurator
    Set conditions such as timing and sequencing. Also, style a look and feel for your research.
Create Experiments

Design sophisticated clinical scales using an intuitive point-and-click interface. No technical or programming knowledge required.

Recruit Participants

Access a pool of over 600,000 participants from 190 countries. We've integrated withProlific Academic andMechanical Turk so you don't have to. Now you can even target specific demographics, such as race, gender and geographic location.

Get Insights

Online access to our laboratory allows us to collate the results of your clinical scale and return them to you quickly. Achieve superb data quality in record time.

Who is Cognilab made for?

Professor William Gray
Head Of Cognitive Research

Professor Gray doesn’t like mind games—unless it’s part of his research. He and his students work together to create sophisticated cognitive psychology experiments using Cognilab templates. Dragging and dropping stimuli into the Cognilab interface is easy, fun and allows the professor’s lab to collect millisecond response data from online gamers. Game on, Horatio!

Dr. Sunny Day
Chief Medical Officer

Doctor Day fearlessly combats conditions such as autism, depression, anxiety and learning disabilities. She provides her patients access to Cognilab for in-home pre-assessments, enabling them to take these assessments in a comfortable setting, which results in more honest responses and improved patient wait times in her clinical practice. Now, there’s some healthcare sunshine!

Ms. Amber May
Project Manager

Ms. May is on a mission to Mars. Not really, but she feels like it. Amber is responsible for a new line of health wearable. Understanding the fundamental motivations of her early adopters–more than just likes and dislikes–is all-important. Ms. May uses Cognilab to target the customer demographic she desires from balmy Bermuda to frosty Finland. The responses have been gold for the product team; they’re crushing it!

Key Features and Subscription Benefits


Scheduled data backups to multiple servers around the world ensures secure access to your data anywhere, anytime.


Realize the results of your work faster with Cognilab. Go from design to final analysis in less than half the time it takes using other methods.


Cognilab is always ready when you want it to be. An Internet connection is all you need to design, recruit participants and retrieve results. Avoid IT involvement and hardware hang-ups.


Cognilab automatically manages software updates and upgrades, ensuring you have the latest version of Cognilab for every clinical scale. Eliminate burdensome software downloads and installs.


Predictable subscription pricing means that every clinician and lab can adopt Cognilab without hidden upgrade, equipment, or maintenance fees.


Cognilab empowers clinicians to scale their practice beyond common physical and geographic constraints. Gain the power of large data sets by moving your clinical assessments online.

Empowering Researchers

Very excited about@cognilab behavioral research that matters. Great potential for impact in#mobilehealth#digitalhealth.

Marta ZanchiFaculty, Center for Biodesign
Awards and Recognition


  • Labs and Teams
Labs and Teams

Labs and Teams

Our Lab packs are tailored to the needs of each team. Lab pricing includes several advantages:

  • Multiple Researchers
  • Platform Access
  • License for your lab (based on size)
  • Dashboard
  • Experiment Design
  • Publishing
  • Distribution
  • Analysis

Make more headway with a Lab pack. Move your entire research team online at one great price.

Platform access license and clinical fees based on team size. Please contact us for a quote.

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